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Doing SEO for a high profile client like Marcus Lemonis will really make you question your SEO skills. Even though I had been doing SEO for 15 years, I was still nervous. I couldn’t let the opportunity of working for someone of that magnitude go to waste. As I did the SEO for his sites, […]

New anchor button enables copy-and-paste of URLs directly to publisher sites. As promised, Google is making a change to how it displays Accelerated Mobile Pages, so that users can easily view and share links that lead directly to publishers’ sites rather than to Google’s copy of the content. Google has been displaying AMP content by effectively […]

In February 2011, Google rolled out the Panda update. Up to 12 per cent of search results got affected. Google went against content farm sites. As a result, some business came to a standstill. Then came Penguin update in April 2012. This time, Google penalized the websites that incorporated web spam techniques. And after that, […]

Benefits Of Blogging For SEO, Business and Marketing Irrespective of their products and services, every business venture on the virtual platform has one common agenda. And that’s all about their desire to achieve effective business marketing. Online business owners and entrepreneurs are always in search of the most effective marketing tactics for their dream venture. […]